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Reiki Relaxation

This hands-on treatment encourages relaxation and assists the body's natural ability to heal itself.  Each treatment begins with Aromatherapy, where the person chooses an oil and receives a message from their Essential Oil Reading.  Guided meditation techniques are also used to help calm and fully connect mind, body, and spirit. Therapeutic Touch and Reiki energy is used to help shift energy blocks, and create a free flowing energetic body.


Reiki Treatment

Distance Reiki

During this treatment, Reiki is performed in your own space that is comfortable for you without distraction or interruption to encourage relaxation and assist the body's natural ability to heal itself.  At the same time, Reiki and Therapeutic Touch are performed by myself in my healing space after connecting with you.  Once the energy work has been completed, we discuss my findings that I have made note of on a Zoom Call.

$80-95 (Price depends on type of treatment necessary)

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